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build flexible muscle mass

“Because he can push the envelope”

At first I thought PT wouldn't be for me. But I notice that I get better results than before in the gym. ★★★★★Read more.
Kasper Stoof

Kasper Stoof, 28

“Enthusiastic coach”

Jordi is an enthusiastic and sympathetic coach. He decisively helps you achieve your goals. I definitely recommend the flexible muscle building program! ★★★★★ Read more.
Stephan Seijsener

Stephan Seijsener, 23

“More muscle mass!”

Thanks to the guidance of Jordi de Haan, I have gained 6 kg and my condition has gone from bad to good. I had tried everything: from gym to applications on the phone. ★★★★★
Bart Oosterveer 2

Bart Oosterveer, 26

His support keeps me going

For me, Jordi de Haan is the perfect coach to train with and work on flexible nutrition. Both in 1 on 1 training and with online coaching ★★★★★ Read more..
Progress Luuk

Luuk Rietveld, 28

“More confidence and a clear routine”

Jordi De Haan Personal Training has given me the confidence to go to the gym and build up a regular exercise routine twice a week. ★★★★★ Read more.
Maarten Visser

Maarten Visser, 26

“Train more consistently”

He is easy to deal with, which means that he communicates in a pleasant way and advises and motivates me where necessary. Thanks to Jordi, I have become a more consistent trainer and focused more on achieving progress. ★★★★★ Read more.

Michelle, 27

“Committed coach!”

Jordi is a very committed and expert coach who takes the time for you and does everything he can to achieve the set goals. The 1 on 1 guidance is fantastic, thank you very much! ★★★★

Renze, 26

Committed, professional and honest.

Committed, professional and honest! And without having to register even one calorie. ★★★★★ Read more..
Jeffrey Siero

Jeffrey Siero, 32

“Jordi provides the right balance”

Jordi provides the right balance, encouraging progression, but enough space/freedom to combine it with a busy job. ★★★★★Read more.
Almar Construction

Almar Bouw, 34

"Straight away. Expert. Goal oriented."

Jordi is expert. The instructional videos that I can watch for each exercise in the app are super useful; During the training I can quickly check how to perform the exercise and what points need attention. Jordi is goal oriented.... ★★★★★ Read more..
Ronald Beuker

Ronald Beuker, 48

“Involved and motivating”

Jordi is a committed personal trainer. He keeps a close eye on progress and provides motivation where necessary. Jordi knows a wide range of exercises and training, so that the training remains varied and intensive. He also knows a lot about the combination of sports and nutrition. ★★★★★
Mark van Vliet

Mark van Vliet, 27

Jordi makes me feel like what I do is good!

I have now gained 8.5 kg in muscle mass. That is unprecedented. And without skipping 1 beer during the weekend ;) ★★★★★ Read more..
Progression of muscle mass

Rick van Nieuwkerk, 32

“Jordi listens well and ensures results.”

He is a good and enthusiastic coach. Every week he explains things to me and I also learn new things. It helps me during the sessions, but also during the week.★★★★★Read more.
Jelle Gijsbertsen

Jelle Gijsbertsen, 27


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