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Register in the Training App for the trial time

Thank you very much for completing the shortened intake form!

Register below in the training app and I will add your personal program within 24 hours. Take care your email (possibly your SPAM box) for the latest updates regarding the trial time.
  1. Go to: https://app.teambuildr.com/signup?ej=true  
  2. Enter the following information. Easy join code: LBFC-OS4D   Password: POSD3OAM 
  3. Click on: SUMBIT and then on JOIN
  4. Enter your name, email and password and click: SUBMIT
  5.  Download the Teambuildr application in the App store or Play store and lLog in with the details you just entered.

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Are you having trouble getting into the training app? Take Contact contact me via the website and I will of course help you further.
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