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This book has enormously enriched my knowledge about muscle mass. It got me assisted build muscle mass and significantly expand my knowledge. The practical tips and clear explanations made it easy to achieve results. If I had the chance, I would definitely pay for it. Strongly recommended for anyone who is serious about muscle building.
Yorrick, 28
Progression of muscle mass Jordi de Haan

More about me

I am Jordi de Haan, 28 years old and currently personal trainer & online coach. Also been involved in fitness for more than 11 years. I have also completed training as a personal trainer and nutritionist. apart from that I am specialist in the field of building muscle with a flexible diet for men. This flexible method allows you to: consistent building muscle mass for the rest of your life. Through my flexible method I already have 200+ athletes helped with muscle mass without that they are strict about it nutritional guidelines handled.


Progression of muscle mass

“Jordi has allowed me to develop a lifestyle in which I go to the gym every week for more muscle mass.”

Rick, 32

Progress Luuk

“Thank you Jordi. I have built up more than 8 kg of muscle mass in the past period. This wouldn't have been possible without you.”

Luke, 28

Ronald Beuker Progress

”Jordi is goal oriented. He sees my success as his success. I have built up 6 kg of muscle mass because of him”

Ronald, 48

Almar Construction

“Thanks Jordi. I have now built up 5 kg of muscle mass”

Almar, 32

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