Are you training with too little results?

The Flexible Method

Essential principles for lasting and consistent building of muscle mass.

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Exhausting and recognizable?

Then one wrong approach a hindering factor for you. 

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“I once partially stopped exercising. A wrong approach was too for me the cause of the problem."

Prevent you from quitting too!

If you continue this way, there is a chance that you will continue to spend money on a gym forever without ever getting there. 

There is no training also the chance that you will deteriorate physically. You feel weaker, more stressed and less energetic.

You can do all this prevent by applying a flexible method now that can be applied in the long term. This means you don't have to never to stop and you can forever remain vital.

Do you want to follow this Flexible Method?

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”After following my flexible method I plan never again to quit fitness.”

The Flexible Method

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Extremely educational and applicable!

Because of this book I have more insight in building muscle mass in the long term. And without following a strict diet. I can finally eat by feeling with exceptions on the weekend. I would normally stay here 50 euros can pay for. Thanks for the cheap knowledge Jordi.
Yorrick, 27

More about me

I am Jordi de Haan, 28 years old and currently personal trainer & online coach. Also been involved in fitness for more than 11 years. I have also completed training as a personal trainer and nutritionist. apart from that I am specialist in the field of building muscle with a flexible diet for men. This flexible method allows you to: consistent building muscle mass for the rest of your life. Through my flexible method I already have 80+ athletes helped with muscle mass without that they are strict about it nutritional guidelines handled.


Progression of muscle mass

“Jordi has allowed me to develop a lifestyle in which I go to the gym every week for more muscle mass.”

Rick, 32

Progress Luuk

“Thank you Jordi. I have built up more than 8 kg of muscle mass in the past period. This wouldn't have been possible without you.”

Luke, 28

Ronald Beuker Progress

”Jordi is goal oriented. He sees my success as his success. I have built up 6 kg of muscle mass because of him”

Ronald, 48

Almar Construction

“Thanks Jordi. I have now built up 5 kg of muscle mass”

Almar, 32

What's in the book?

Chapter 1

Learn everything about building muscle mass. Apply knowledge.

Chapter 2

Say one personal training program together. Prevent injuries.

Chapter 3

Are you learning progression register and increase your maximum strength.

Chapter 4

Find out how you can flexible diet composes.

Chapter 5

Pass consistency in the field of strength training and nutrition. Forever!

Not happy, money back

Not good, money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the book can be useful for both beginners and advanced students. It offers a comprehensive approach to strength training, nutrition, motivation and health, meaning it is suitable for people with different fitness levels.

For beginners, the book can serve as a valuable resource to learn how to start strength training, optimize their nutrition, and find the right motivation to achieve their goals.

For advanced users, the book can provide new insights and advanced strategies to take their workouts to the next level, track their progress, and continue to improve their fitness goals.

So, regardless of your current fitness level, this book can help you train more effectively and efficiently and make physical and mental progress.

You can pay via iDEAL or credit card. It's fast and safe. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you can enter your card details to complete the payment. Both methods are common for online purchases and provide convenience and security at checkout.

You'll get instant access to the eBook within 60 seconds of your order, and you can read it on any device, 24/7. In addition, the book can be read in 45 minutes and contains 150 pages.

Yes, this is different from our online coaching. The flexible method is a more affordable option and it is also easy to learn. With the tips and tricks you get in the flexible method, you can work independently and achieve your goals. It offers a more self-directed approach to learning and growth.

You can expect from the book that you will get started with all the pillars of the flexible method. These include:

  1. Knowledge: You will gain understandable knowledge that you can immediately apply in practice to prevent injuries.

  2. Personal program: You will follow a personalized program with weekly, efficient workouts that are tailored to your needs and goals.

  3. Progress registration: You'll be able to easily track your progress and strive to improve your workouts every week.

  4. Flexible diet: You learn to take your calorie needs into account and eat based on your feelings, with a flexible diet that contributes to your overall health.

  5. Motivation: You will learn how to cultivate intrinsic motivation to persevere, even during bad times.

  6. Change: The book will guide you in developing a lifestyle in which strength training and health are an integral part.

In short, this book offers a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve consistency in building muscle mass and improving your overall health.

The value of muscle mass is significant and goes beyond just physical strength. It's all about achieving long-lasting results, both physically and mentally. Here are some benefits of building more muscle mass:

  1. Self confidence: Increasing your muscle mass can make you more confident. Seeing positive changes in your body can improve your self-image.

  2. Power: More muscle mass often means more physical strength. This can help you in everyday life, for example when lifting heavy objects.

  3. Energy: An increase in muscle mass can increase your energy levels, making you feel more vital and active.

  4. Health: Building muscle mass can contribute to better health. Muscle burns more calories than fat, which can help with weight management. It can also improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

  5. Stress reduction: Regular exercise, such as strength training for muscle growth, can reduce stress and contribute to better mental health.

  6. Fewer injuries: Stronger muscles provide more support to joints and bones, which can reduce the risk of injury, especially during activities that require physical exertion.

In short, muscle mass not only provides physical benefits, but it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life. It is indeed a valuable investment in yourself for both the short and long term.

Because I want to help a target group that is closest to me. This allows me to offer quality. I have since I was 16e years of experience building muscle mass. I can therefore best help men who want to grow muscle mass. I get the most satisfaction and energy from the fact that the physical and mental condition of men is improving.

Yes, although I focus specifically on men, the book contains knowledge and information that can also be relevant and useful for women. The basic principles of strength training, nutrition, motivation and health often apply to both men and women. While there may be some nuances in exercise and nutritional needs between the genders, women can still find valuable insights and guidance in the book to achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being.

"Build muscle mass forever in 45 minutes!"

The Flexible Method

Are you tired of training without visible results? With The Flexible Method you will learn essential principles for lasting muscle growth. Mine scientifically substantiated method helps you achieve your goals through consistency with training and flexible nutrition.

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