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100% attention

During a personal training session you have the full attention to get the most out of a training.

You can take the knowledge you gain with you to your training sessions training program

A stick behind your door

If it's on your agenda, then go!

By scheduling an appointment with me, you ensure that you: routine builds up regarding strength training.



Jordi is goal-oriented and knowledgeable!

Faster result

Either way, you will see results faster. You will feel your muscles like you have never felt them before. 

A few little adjustments within the movement can be made on the long make a difference over time. 

Personal needs

Based on your personal needs, personal training sessions are done!

Need more help with one Barbell Back Squat? Then we train the Squat.

Need more help with one Barbell Shoulder Press? Then we train the Shoulder Press.

DUO personal training
Progression of muscle mass
Almar Construction progression
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Ronald Beuker

Duo personal training

Do you want to get fit together with a friend or family member? Then duo personal training is the perfect solution! This is not only fun, but also fun cheaper.

Bee duo personal training you pay half the normal price for personal training. This is because I two people can guide at the same time.


I always keep track of your progress and schedule with the training app

Watch the video of the training app.

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Watch the video of the training app.

Free training app

Easily track your progress, training schedule and results.


Benefit from content and contact in the exclusive community.

Save time

Take advantage of 11 years of knowledge about nutrition & training.


More fun with two people


Attention to your technique


Tailored to your training goals


Faster results better activation muscle fibers


On your desired days and times


Maximum exhaustion during a session

Living in Utrecht and ready to improve your technique?

1 PT session

Valid for 1 month*
67 per workout

  • 60 minutes PT*
  • Technology optimize
  • Free intake
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • Access community
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • Physical skills test

10 PT sessions

Valid for 3 months*
65 per workout

Or save 3,17% and choose for 63,- per training
(single payment)*
  • 600 minutes PT**
  • Automatic collection***
  • Technology optimize
  • Free intake
  • Free training app
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • Access community
  • 1 Evaluation
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • Physical skills test

20 PT sessions

Valid for 6 months*
62 per workout

Or save 7.27% and choose 59,- per training (one-off payment).*
  • 1200 minutes PT**
  • Automatic collection***
  • Technology optimize
  • Free intake
  • Free training app
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • Access community
  • 2 evaluations
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • Physical skills test

30 PT sessions

Valid for 12 months*
59 per workout

Or save 6,77% and choose 56,- per training (one-off payment)*
  • 1800 minutes PT**
  • Automatic collection***
  • Technology optimize
  • Free intake
  • Free training app
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • Access community
  • 3 evaluations
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • Physical skills test
Best choice


*The remaining credits (after the validity period of 3, 6 or 12 months) can be used afterwards within four weeks. 

**You pay (with discount the total amount of your chosen subscription once.

***Subscriptions become every month debited via direct debit. Depending on your chosen credits (10, 20 or 30), the amount will be collected in 3, 6 or 12 months respectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Wolvenplein in the center of Utrecht. A PT session lasts forever 60 minutes. If necessary, supplement with PT sessions 15 minutes or 30 minutes.



Unfortunately this is not possible. Logistically that is not convenient. I can help you always guidance with online coaching through my flexible muscle building program.

Of course. At the subscriptions payments are made via direct debit (every four weeks). Then you don't have to worry about it anymore. 😉 

Yes, this is different from our online coaching. The flexible method is a more affordable option and it is also easy to learn. With the tips and tricks you get in the flexible method, you can work independently and achieve your goals. It offers a more self-directed approach to learning and growth.

Sure, you can do one personal training session free trying out. Afterwards we will discuss together whether you want to continue. The choice is yours. If you have already paid and do not proceed, you will receive all money paid back deposited into your account. 

Of course you can do this. It year subscription will then take effect the moment you convert it. This allows you to benefit from the discounts.   

Completely dependent on the subscription you have chosen. This could be a year or a month. This will be automatically extended if you do not cancel. In addition, you decide how often you want to train. 

No, I do not use a notice period. Do you want to stop PT? Then I calculate no additional PT costs after your subscription expires. After a term of one year you can cancel every month. You only pay for the days in which you used my services.

That depends on your goal, genes, hormonal predisposition, diet, current fitness and stress level. I would be happy to discuss this with you during a meeting free introduction.


The basis of my services for creating muscle mass with a flexible diet. Under the guidance of personal training With me you will work even more on your health goals or training goals. 

Yes, this is possible provided you have the same training goals. Then I divide the amount of the sessions by two. You will then receive a separate invoice with lower costs.

Then the credits saved from your quarterly or annual subscription. You can 'catch up' on this after terminating your subscription. 

Of course. Provided you 24 hours unsubscribe in advance webapp. If you cancel within 24 hours without a valid reason, 1 PT credit will be charged. 

We often set recurring appointments every week, so you can easily plan everything around your PT session! You can see the agreements in the webapp what I use. It is also possible to flexibly schedule your weekly appointments.