"I am element of the target group. I know exactly how to help you.”


Through which values I you going to help with results

(Like 80+ other people)


“Your best friend”

Everything I do at Jordi de Haan Personal Training is done from one perspective informal train of thought. No strict trainer-coach relationship, so you will look forward to the training with pleasure coaching moments or personal training sessions.


"Easy language"

I want results from you as quickly as possible. I will achieve this through all scientific knowledge understandable. Result does not come within one couple weeks, but it takes time. Of course, achieving monthly progress is possible. I put time and effort into this every day energy in you through it all simple explain.


'''s A guy in the city at night, a guy in the gym in the morning."

monotonous proven method with a rice, chicken A vegetable diet and training seven days a week are not going to work. The chance that you will keep this up is considerably small.  

Neither does a snack bar diet in combination with daily doses of alcohol. A self-created flexible dietefficient training and a pleasant, social life will work for you.


“A personal trainer who hates unrealistic personal trainers”

Build 10 KG of muscle mass within 6 weeks? That is not possible without steroids. And luckily I don't work with that. I will always remember you honest advise on the feasibility of your intended progression. 

I also attach great importance to science and that's why I only work with scientifically substantiated knowledge.


"Together we aim for continuous changes in the field of mental and physical fitness."

Nutrition coaching

Good nutrition is at least as important as training, but...

Do you know someone who? 10 years It started a long time ago with one strict diet and it still follows? 

All people who started 10 years ago often have one thing in common.

That they have it now not do more 

#3. One of the most common mistakes when building muscle mass in the long term:

Strict dietary guidelines

Strict dietary guidelines

You can be strict on yourself by, for example permanent register calories in an application. Research has shown that permanent calorie registration does not work in the long term [1].

It takes a lot of time and can even cause food obsessions [2].

In addition, you can be strict with yourself by continuously following a nutrition plan.

But then it seems you don't have room for it outliers and do you panic if things don't go well for a day?

That is why it is good to learn eat by feeling, so you can easily compensate for outliers.

Learn to eat feeling with a flexible diet for more muscle mass!


healthy food

Balanced eating without permanent calorie registration

Through my nutritional coaching you ultimately learn eat by feeling. I advise you to temporarily track via My Eating Meter. In collaboration with coaching, you can eat according to your feelings for the rest of your life. Via the nutrition coaching you get a grip on eating healthy food with possible exceptions during the weekend.


"It is only unhealthy if you stop using unhealthy products."

Bring your own containers to a birthday? Didn't see me! You and I are going together flexible diet that you are not bound to the same meals. 

 Do you ever go off track during the weekend? No problem, we will compensate for that. Of course we opt for a diet that contributes to building muscle mass.

eating unhealthy

Weight as resourse, no goal!

I do not aim for a certain weight, but only use it as a guideline to determine progression. I always prioritize the results regarding your physique. 

I control the results during the evaluation by weight. I also correct during the evaluation where necessary.

1 on 1 guidance

Walking into a gym without knowledge, having no plan and then seeing no progress. The result: you become unmotivated, go less often and quit. I also belonged to that type of athlete.

#4. One of the most common mistakes when building muscle mass in the long term:

Random training weeks

Average says 1 in 10 people their fitness subscription annually. Six out of ten then spends less time on sports. Stopping is due to the lack of fun, setting other priorities (work and school) and medical reasons (injuries). [3].

The creation of pleasure and motivation

As a coach, I think it is extremely important that you: active takes steps to schedule gym sessions. You don't pay money to stay at home on the couch. 

I will therefore always insist on your presence. Thereby it is creating result an important part. This provides fun and motivation.

Kasper Stoof 230922
Jordi de Haan

Learn change

 I want to implement behavioral changes in you that are important for you building muscle mass. Set different priorities in collaboration with me!

During the day Evaluation I look at where you can possibly change to achieve results even faster.


Collect knowledge and prevent injuries

Weekly contact helps you gain more insights into building muscle mass. You will receive immediate answers to all your questions. Of course, it is also possible to always ask questions in the training app.

During the video calls, I ensure that you leave the conversation with the important tips.

Coaching muscle mass

I have all mistakes already made for you, so you don't have to.

”Maybe the result without coach the same, only the road to it is a lot more difficult. I've already sorted everything out. Take advantage of 11 years knowledge and experience. 

Wrong approach vs. flexible method

Progress photo muscle building


[1] L. Solbrig, R. Jones, D. Kavanagh, J. May, T. Parkin, and J. Andrade, “People trying to lose weight dislike calorie counting apps and want motivational support to help them achieve their goals,” Internet Interventions, full. 7, pp. 23–31, Mar. 2017, doi: 10.1016/J.INVENT.2016.12.003.

[2] C.A. Levinson, L. Fewell, and LC Brosof, “My Fitness Pal calorie tracker usage in the eating disorders,” Eating Behaviors, full. 27, p. 14–16, Dec. 2017, doi: 10.1016/J.EATBEH.2017.08.003.

[3] Heijnen, E., Hover, P. & Schoemaker, J. (2021). Cancellation of membership from sports club and fitness center Frequency, motivation and implication. Mulier Institute / University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen: https://www.mulierinstituut.nl/publicaties/26112/opzegging-lidmaatschap-van-sportvereniging-en-fitnesscentrum/