Build muscle mass without
strict diet?

I am leading you, as a male athlete, to a transformation with more muscle mass without a strict diet or long workouts.

Start building muscle today on the long term. Geen quick fix, maar zichtbaar resultaat for always met mijn Flexibele Methode. 

You can do this to expect

 Together working on creating a flexible nutritional pattern. Together working on building muscle mass for the long term.

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Progression of muscle mass Jordi de Haan

About me and my wrong approach

Progression of muscle mass Jordi de Haan

My name is Jordi de Haan, born in 1994 and started fitness in 2010. I have now been working as a personal trainer and online coach. I am also a specialist in the field of building muscle with a flexible diet for men. 

I currently have 200+ people helped without strict dietary guidelines. By this flexible method you can build muscle mass for the rest of your life. 

I always exercise five to six times a week, but that has not always been the case...

In 2010 I was 57 kg and did not feel good in my own body, because I did not feel strong and resilient. That's why I decided to build more muscle mass. I purchased a gym membership and got started. I did the following things using a wrong approach:

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"I once stopped partly because I no longer saw the desired results."

Am I the only one who has had this wrong approach?

NO! And that's why I want to help you!

4 most common mistakes
when building muscle mass:

#1 Long workouts

Do you follow a random program from an influencer, train for hours in the gym, but see no progress? 

You may be doing too many sets and exercises with a program that is not tailored to your body. If your body doesn't recover enough, you can't make progress. Result: injuries! 

#2 No progression registration

You register no reps and weights and not getting stronger in the gym. As a result, you remain stuck at the same weights for a long time, because you exercise over a longer period of time not going forward. You need to lift more every month.

#3 Strict dietary guidelines

You follow one strict diet, does not last long and falls back into an unhealthy diet. In this pattern you do not take your personal protein, carbohydrate and fat needs into account. The result: you don't get any nutrition that contributes to muscle mass.

#4 Random training weeks

You go to the gym on a random basis because nothing suits you motivates. The reasons for this are too few results. Results can only be achieved if you have sufficient knowledge. Mainly to prevent injuries prevent

My Flexible Method

"Flexible = means, consistency = goal."


We go for it together continuous changes in the field of mental and physical fitness.

Flexible method for muscle mass


Gain knowledge through Understandable language, making it applicable in practice. Prevent injuries!

Flexible nutritional plan

Take your calorie needs into account and learn to eat accordingly feeling immediately flexible diet.

Efficient workout

Train efficiënter, niet langer! Met gerichte trainingen, afgestemd op jouw lichaam, behaal je resultaten in minder tijd.


To persevere during slower periods, due to intrinsic motivation for the gym.

Progress registration

Easy tracking of your progress and every week better want to be in a training.


Developing a lifestyle in which weight training & health be present in the long term.

Your progress, schedule and coach are always available easy reach with the training app

Watch the video of the training app.

Create Super fast muscle mass, because you use the training app. Track your progress, share your technique videos and ask all your questions online. 

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Watch the video of the training app.

Illuminating online video library with
100+ self-made fitness instructional videos for muscle building*

*Half is visible on my YouTube account. 

Based on your weekly schedule

Not everyone has the same amount of free time. Therefore personalize I base all my training programs on your needs. The training schedules are programmed for thirteen weeks. I will let you get used to the exercise, your technique optimize, but especially more build muscle mass. 

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Training program

Training programs tailored to your weekly schedule.
Coaching muscle mass

Knowledge = result,
result = motivation

Anyone can successfully transform anyone with knowledge.  You can spend a lot of time looking for the right way to achieve your goals. Or you can seek professional coaching so that you can achieve maximum results in relatively little time.

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Includes FREE BOOK
worth €29.95

Essential principles for lasting and consistent building of muscle mass.


Progression of muscle mass
Almar Construction progression
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Progress Luuk

This is how you book
3 steps
long-lasting results

It's all about achieving long-lasting results so that you in the long run make physical and mental progress. It is a significant investment in yourself, but it will help you achieve results inside and outside the gym. Thanks to more muscle mass: 

flexible method

1. Free intake

Go through the intake form via a video call and ask questions about the process.
flexible method

2. Start Building Flexible Muscle Mass

Online coaching, flexible diet, 1 on 1 guidance, technique analyzes & more
flexible method

3. Evaluation

The evaluation ensures that your objectives are achieved. Determine and correct progress where necessary.

The result:


I'm going first continuous changes in the long-term. I ensure that you create a lifestyle in which you want to build muscle mass forever.



The value:

Benefits of muscle mass

Ready to build flexible muscle mass in the long term?

Start Building Flexible Muscle Mass today.

It's an investment, but then you have:

And with that you ensure that you not:

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Cheaper, the longer you remain a member.

In 13 weeks we can achieve good results together. We achieve the best results when we enter into a longer-term relationship together. That's why I give a discount if you do 26 or 52 weeks will work with me!


Quarterly subscription
77 per month*

Save €20,- and choose a one-off payment of €211**
  • 3 months personalized program (13 weeks)
  • Online coaching
  • Continuously updated program
  • Free digital intake
  • Free Guidebook
  • Free book The Flexible Method (valued at €29.95)
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • One endEvaluation
  • Access exclusive community
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • + Technology video analytics
  • + Handles create for the rest of your life


Six-month subscription
72 per month*

Save €35,- and choose a one-off payment of €397**
  • Everything off LIGHT
  • 6 months personalized program (2 x 13 weeks)
  • Two endevaluations


Year subscription
67 per month*

Save €65,- and choose a one-off payment of €739**
  • Everything off PREMIUM
  • 12 months personalized program (4 x 13 weeks)
  • Four endevaluations

*Subscriptions become every month debited via direct debit. I work with a minimum initial start-up period of 3 months. After this start-up period, your chosen subscription can be canceled monthly (without notice period) or changed to another subscription.

**You pay (with discount the total amount of your chosen subscription once.

Building muscle mass is flexible not for:

Building muscle mass is flexible well for:

build flexible muscle mass

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you can do it for 14 days free trying out. Just before the end of the 14 days you will receive a message asking if you want to continue. This allows you risk-free see if my online coaching suits you.

Of course you can do this. The annual subscription then starts when you convert it. Your current subscription will be terminated immediately. This means you benefit from the discounts.


No, I do not use a notice period. Do you want to stop? Then I do not charge an 'extra' period of subscription costs.


The basis of my services for creating muscle mass with a flexible diet. Under my guidance, you will work on your health goals or training goals. For more information, I refer you to the method coaching.


Via the webapp what I use. You can make an appointment here when planning. Look at here the videos for scheduling an appointment.

Because I want to help a target group that is closest to me. This allows me to offer quality. I have since I was 16e years of experience building muscle mass. I can therefore best help men who want to grow muscle mass. I get the most satisfaction and energy from the fact that the physical and mental condition of men is improving. Being women not excluded, of course.

Of course, I just don't recommend getting into one every year negative energy balance (eat less than you use). If you want to gain muscle mass, it is best to set aside a period of 2/3 years for this. If your fat percentage is too high, we will only stop with the positive energy balance (eat more than you consume). I will tell you more about one from February 2023 dry training period. 

Sure, you can after it free introductory meeting Test the app for free for 14 days. Just before the 14 days expire, you will receive a message asking whether you want to start. This makes it easy to see whether the training app works for you.


Completely dependent on the subscription you have chosen. This could be a year or a month. This will be automatically extended if you do not cancel.


That depends on your goal, genes, hormonal predisposition, diet, current fitness and stress level. I would be happy to discuss this with you during an introduction.


No, unfortunately this is not possible. All my programs and coaching programs are personalized. That is why I also calculate the costs per person.


This usually happens before the summer in the months: April, May and possibly also June.


I hope to be able to tackle this during the digital intake. I inquire about the equipment available in your gym. If this occurs, I will of course adjust this in the training app with a replacement exercise. I look at which muscles are being trained and look for an alternative. I always discuss with you whether the replacement exercise meets your needs.

Yes, in many cases you can pause a subscription during holidays. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the subscription I understand the importance of flexibility to my customers and offer this option as a way to meet needs.