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Do you also know a person in your gym who has been stuck at 45 kg for 22 weeks? Bench Press? He always does the same round and may not go backwards, but certainly not forwards either. 

#2. One of the most common mistakes when building muscle mass in the long term:

Not keeping track of your progress

The average athlete who spends time without logging sets, reps and repetitions. This often leaves you stuck at the same weight and makes it more difficult to work towards an end result with more muscle mass. This gives you one with free training app so you can keep track of everything easily and clearly.


Weight, sets and reps within reach

Always and about access to the complete training program.


Automatically see your maximum weight

Your one repetition maximum (1RM) is the basis for making progress.

Normally you use an external 1RM calculator to determine your maximum weight per exercise. This is integrated in the training app and calculated based on your last training.

This allows you to train in a very targeted manner and continue to make progress even though you have progressed.

Customized video analyses

It's your technique main. I think your performance is more important than your achieved weight.

The training app offers an option to easily send videos so that I can perfect your technique.

Even though I am not standing next to you, you can still optimize your execution.


Get in touch with like-minded people!

Play Video about Community Jordi De Haan

Look at video of mine exclusive community!

The five benefits of this exclusive community:

  1. Couple to ask together
  2. Share all your experiences 
  3. Gain knowledge all around weight training and power supply
  4. Challenges, likes and trophies for one PR
  5. Weekly updates about the training program
Community Jordi De Haan
Play Video about Community Jordi De Haan

Look at video about my exclusive community!

Coaching muscle mass

Unlimited support

With support you can always ask questions and you will receive a response within 24 hours during the week.

For example, ask questions about strength training, nutrition, injuries and your technique.

The support ensures that you have the most important knowledge to achieve faster results.

Simple, fast and effective

Make an impact during your training.

Access anytime, anywhere

The training app the opportunity to preview all exercises, so you can prepare for the exercises.

Of course, you can also ask questions about the training program in advance, so that you no longer have any questions during training.

progression training app

You can never reduce the risk of injury 100% avoid, alone reduce

I have 100+ exercises performed especially for you to reduce the risk of injury. This shows all the main points of interest, so you can focus on the most important parts of a movement. 

Points of interest Bench Press

Illuminating online video library with
100+ self-made fitness instructional videos for muscle building*


*Half is visible on my YouTube account. 

Look at features of the training app

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Super fast

Quickly through the application with the latest techniques


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For all Android users in the Playstore

Video analytics

Receive feedback and optimize your technique.

Online Support

Always ask questions at your desired time


Save euros, other apps are unnecessary