Schedule monthly evaluation

Scheduling the evaluation is done via the Jordi de Haan personal training web app. This goes as follows:

  1. Open the Jordi de Haan personal training web app via a desktop or mobile phone
  2. Go to planning
  3. Choose private activity
  4. Choose evaluation interview online (30 minutes)
  5. Select your desired day and time
  6. Request your desired time.
  7. I will confirm your appointment within 24 hours [1]

You will receive one monthly message to schedule an appointment [2]

I advise you to use the evaluations for maximum results.

The link to the link for the evaluation can be found below. 



[1] The reason you can request it is that the system does not support a connection with my Google Calendar. I want to prevent double agreements between private and work life. To do this, check whether I have another appointment at the relevant time.

[2] Because I cannot look at your agenda, you are responsible for scheduling your own evaluations. 😉