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I use two applications to optimally guide my customers. This is what I call the JDH PT training app (Teambuildr) and the JDH PT web app (Trainin).

JDH PT Training App

community muscle mass

Via the training app, called Teambuildr, you can view the training program, register your progress, see content in the community, and ask for support via the conversations function.

The training app is available in the iOS app store and Android play store. Everything is also available in an internet browser. 

Not yet registered in the training app? Do that here!

Want to gain more insight into support, training programs and the community?

Look at below the instructional video of the training app.

(Turn on subtitles)

JDH PT Web app

You can schedule evaluations and video calls via the web app called Trainin. This also keeps track of your credits for Personal Training sessions. Finally, payments can also be made via the web app.

The web app is only available via an internet browser. Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded from the app store or play store. By the way, you can put an app on your home page. Look at below in the instruction video how to do that. (From 19 seconds)

Not yet registered in the web app? Do that here

Would you like to gain more insight into credits, payments and making agreements?

Look at below the instructional video of the web app.

(Turn on subtitles)