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My story

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Progression of muscle mass

My name is Jordi de Haan, born in 1994 and started strength training in 2010. I have now been working as a personal trainer and online coach for a long time and I have... 80+ people assisted. I always exercise five a six times a week but that is not always been like that...

In 2010 I was 57 kg and didn't feel good in my own body. I didn't feel strong and resilient. That's why I decided to build more muscle mass. I purchased a gym membership and got started. I did the following (regardless of all other 873 errors):

It result after the first 12 months:


Building muscle mass progression

But I got into trouble.


Anyone who starts with fitness can make progress with three gym visits a week. You only need a little knowledge and healthy nutrition to see progress after a year. However, there was a downside to this approach. From 2013 onwards, I only partly went to the gym due to a lack of motivation. I no longer saw the desired results that I did see in the beginning...

Progress photo muscle building


That's how I solved my problems

In 2018, after four days at Lowlands, I decided to take up sports again. I wanted to feel better again, both physically and mentally. As a result, I immediately delved deeper into the matter by obtaining fitness certificates. I also studied hundreds of scientific articles and books. I also took courses and sought help from many fitness professionals. As a result, I saw immediate results!

But I didn't want to fall back into my old pattern anymore?

As a result, I developed a flexible method and adjusted the following:

By applying my flexible method I have been able to make tremendous progress in recent years.

I also plan to never more to stop.


“Simply, because I can maintain this in the long term.”


Progression of muscles men

Could building muscle mass have been faster? 




Am I the only one who has made these mistakes? 




Certainly not. 


Perhaps you feel addressed because you make the same mistakes as I do.


That's why I want to help you.



Why? Because of my passion for sports and a huge one preference to help men with muscle building. That's why I started working as a personal trainer and online coach. I started doing this after completing my Sports, Management and Entrepreneurship course. (Setting up my own company has always been my passion) In addition, I get satisfaction from the fact that you physical and mental creates fitness. I do not that you are the same errors makes and therefore wants to prevent that:

If you make these mistakes you will spend a lot of money on the gym in the long run
without sufficient result!

The result: you stop training completely.

I go via my Flexible method you going to help with results

(Like 80+ other people)

My flexible method


Gain understandable knowledge, making it applicable in practice. Prevent injuries!

Personal program

Following a personalized program with efficient weekly training sessions

Progress registration

Easily keep track of your progress and want to get better at training every week

Flexible nutritional plan

Take your calorie needs into account and eat based on your feelings with a flexible diet


Persevering during bad periods, because of intrinsic motivation.


Developing a lifestyle that includes strength training & long-term health.

Online muscle mass coaching

We go for it together continuous changes in the field of mental and physical fitness.

We go for:



But does this mean you're stuck with the same diet and exercise programs for the rest of your life? 




Why not?

Because your body is constantly changing due to your new lifestyle. Who tells you that what works well today will still be effective three months from now? The only thing that always tells the truth is the results. That's why we're going to evaluate. Once I have insight into the progress, I can direct you to results. Correcting timely and focusing on progress is the basis of your success.

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strength training-muscle mass

Avoid stopping training.

After downloading this e-book you can vear always build muscle mass in a flexible way. Download now free mine ebook: Everything about muscle mass

No thanks, I'd rather keep training without result 😉