How this works

1. Free Intake


Go you starting with Light, Premium or Supreme by Flexible Build Muscle Mass? You will then receive an email with a link to it intake form. After you have completed this, you will receive instructions for planning a digital intake. Everything will be reviewed and your answers will be discussed in detail. There is room for all your questions at the end. After the digital intake has been completed, you can: start within 24 hours with training.

(Intake duration: 30 minutes)

2. Launch
Flexible Build Muscle Mass

flexible method

Based on your choice subscription by Flexible Build Muscle Mass Let's really start now. This goes through online coachingg combined with My Flexible Method.

After our digital intake I suggest a personal one training program for you at least 13 weeks. Did you choose 26 (premium) or 52 weeks (Supreme)? Then you will receive a 13-week training program two or four times respectively.

During Flexible Muscle Mass Building you can use the training app. This makes it easy for you to... progression to keep up with. You will receive the login codes via email. I adjust the training program weekly based on your progress. Flexible Building muscle mass is also associated with nutrition coaching. Together we create a healthy and... flexible diet that will help you learn eat by feeling. 

I also always offer you the option to use the training app ask questions when you need it. You can also have me assess your technique via technical video analyses. Finally, we create consistency together through my 1 on 1 guidance.

Want to get even more out of your training?

Building muscle mass is flexible excellent to combine with personal training sessions to optimize your technique.

3. Evaluation

flexible method

The Evaluation is essential for achieving your objectives. Here we look at your progress. I also make corrections where necessary, which gives you even more control over your lifestyle. Ultimately, we also set goals for the next one period.

(Evaluation duration: 30 minutes)

The result:


I'm going first continuous changes in the long-term. I ensure that you create a lifestyle in which you want to build muscle mass forever.


The value:

Benefits of muscle mass

Avoid stopping training.

After downloading this e-book you can vear always build muscle mass in a flexible way. Download now free mine ebook: Everything about muscle mass

No thanks, I'd rather keep training without result 😉