"Straight away. Expert. Goal oriented."

Ronald Beuker

Jordi is straight away: he communicates clearly, responds quickly and checks whether I have really understood everything correctly. And what I also think is a very nice characteristic: he always says what he thinks, without any blah blah surrounding it. A coach who does that as standard is worth gold: if he says something is good, I never have to doubt it. And yes, he also lets you know if it's not right. 😉

Jordi is expert: I have experienced many personal trainers, but no one understands it so well if my execution of an exercise is just not perfect. Even when we were training outside during corona times and I was wearing a nice warm and therefore thick tracksuit, he immediately noticed if my posture could be improved. He also keeps his finger on the pulse when it comes to nutrition and ensures that I consume exactly the optimal amount of kcal, including the right macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

Jordi is goal oriented. He sees my success as his success. We work together towards my goals with well-thought-out training schedules. These are tough (and therefore fun!) workouts, which have been carefully put together by Jordi and are continuously optimized by him if necessary. 

The instructional videos which I can view in the app for each exercise are super useful; During the training I can quickly check how to perform the exercise and what points need attention.

Monthly to evaluate we monitor the progress, so that we continue to work towards a good end result. I empathize with Jordi good hands. It is pleasant to work with him. He's also just a nice guy who's easy to talk to, even when it's not about fitness. So I can highly recommend him!

Ronald Beuker
Ronald Beuker
Ronald Beuker Chest fly

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