Register in the Webapp

In the web app within 5 minutes!

You can schedule evaluations and video calls via the web app called Trainin. This also keeps track of your credits for Personal Training sessions. Finally, payments are also made via the web app.

There are two options for this.

1st option: You have purchased a Light, Premium or Supreme subscription of Flexible Muscle Mass Building via my website. Then you can create an account yourself during the payment process. If you have done this you are already registered. If you are not yet registered, you can use the 2nd option.

2nd option
I will add you as a member in the web app, after you have been able to choose your preferred subscription. You will then receive an email with the login details (username and password). Afterwards you can change the password and supplement your other details (address, place of residence, telephone number)

  1. Go to: https://jordi-de-haan.trainin.app 
  2. Enter the following information from the email from trainin with your username and password.  
Are you unable to get into the web app? Take Contact contact me via the website and I will of course help you further.
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