Costs Flexible Build Muscle Mass

Ready to build flexible muscle mass in the long term?

It's an investment, but then you have:

And with that you ensure that you not:

Progression of muscle mass

Automatic collection.

Single payment

10 % discount

Cheaper, the longer you remain a member.

In 13 weeks we can achieve good results together. We achieve the best results when we enter into a longer-term relationship together. That's why I give a discount if you do 26 or 52 weeks will work with me!

After purchasing one LIGHT, PREMIUM or SUPREME I will contact you within 24 hours so that you can start immediately.


Quarterly subscription
77 per month*

Save €20,- and choose a one-off payment of €211**
  • 3 months personalized program (13 weeks)
  • Online coaching
  • Continuously updated program
  • Free digital intake
  • Free guidebook
  • Inside 24 hours support
  • One endEvaluation
  • Access exclusive community
  • Nutrition coaching customization
  • + Technology video analytics
  • + Handles create for the rest of your life


Six-month subscription
72 per month*

Save €35,- and choose a one-off payment of €397**
  • Everything off LIGHT
  • 6 months personalized program (2 x 13 weeks)
  • Two endevaluations


Year subscription
67 per month*

Save €65,- and choose a one-off payment of €739**
  • Everything off PREMIUM
  • 12 months personalized program (4 x 13 weeks)
  • Four endevaluations

*Subscriptions become every month debited via direct debit. I work with a minimum initial start-up period of 3 months. After this start-up period, your chosen subscription can be canceled monthly (without notice period) or changed to another subscription.

**You pay (with discount the total amount of your chosen subscription once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee?

Sure, you can do it for 14 days free trying out. Just before the end of the 14 days you will receive a message asking if you want to continue. This allows you risk-free see if my online coaching suits you.

Can I try the training app?

Sure, you can after it free introductionconversation the app 14 days free testing. Just before the 14 days expire, you will receive a message asking whether you want to start. This makes it easy to see whether the training app works for you.

Can the subscription be converted from 13 weeks to 26 weeks or 52 weeks?

Of course you can do this. The annual subscription then starts when you convert it. Your current subscription will be terminated immediately. This means you benefit from the discounts.   

How long do I have a subscription for?

Completely dependent on it subscription that you have chosen. This could be a year or a month. This will be automatically extended if you do not cancel. 

Is there a notice period during the process?

No, I do not use a notice period. Do you want to stop? Then I do not charge an 'extra' period of subscription costs. 

How long will it take to achieve my goal?

That depends on your goal, genes, hormonal predisposition, diet, current fitness and stress level. I would be happy to discuss this with you during a meeting introduction.

What can I expect from Jordi de Haan?

The basis of my services for creating muscle mass with a flexible diet. Under my guidance, you will work on your health goals or training goals. For more information, I refer you to the method coaching.

Can I share the costs with someone else?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. All my programs and coaching programs are personalized. That is why I also calculate the costs per person. 

Can I also dry train?

Of course, I just don't recommend getting into one every year negative energy balance (eat less than you use). If you want to gain muscle mass, it is best to set aside a period of 2/3 years for this. If your fat percentage is too high, we will only stop with the positive energy balance (eat more than you consume). I will tell you more about one from February 2023 dry training period. 

In which months is the best time for dry training?

This usually happens before the summer in the months: April, May and possibly also June. 

How can I schedule appointments for the evaluation and video calls?

Via the webapp what I use. You can make an appointment here when planning. Look at here the videos for scheduling an appointment.

What if I cannot perform an exercise because my gym does not have the equipment available?

I hope to be able to tackle this during the digital intake. I inquire about the equipment available in your gym. If this occurs, I will of course adjust this in the training app with a replacement exercise. I look at which muscles are being trained and look for an alternative. I always discuss with you whether the replacement exercise meets your needs.

Why do you only help men?

Because I want to help a target group that is closest to me. This allows me to offer quality. I have since I was 16e years of experience building muscle mass. I can therefore best help men who want to grow muscle mass. I get the most satisfaction and energy from the fact that the physical and mental condition of men is improving.