This is how you build muscle mass forever, experience permanent physical and mental fitness

I am leading you, as a male athlete, to a transformation with more muscle mass through efficient workouts, a flexible diet and understandable language. Start building muscle today on the long term. Not a quick fix, but consistent result for always with Try out or Personal Training!

Progression of muscle mass Jordi de Haan

I am Jordi de Haan, currently personal trainer & online coach and has been involved in fitness since 2010. I also have training personal trainer and nutritionist rounded.

apart from that I am specialist in the field of building muscle with a flexible diet for men. This flexible method allows you to: consistent building muscle mass for the rest of your life.

Through my flexible method I already have 200+ male athletes helped with muscle mass without that they are strict about it nutritional guidelines handled.

Progression of muscle mass Jordi de Haan
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My Flexible Method

"Flexible = means, consistency = goal."


We go for it together continuous changes in the field of mental and physical fitness.

My flexible method


Gain understandable knowledge, making it applicable in practice. Prevent injuries!

Personal program

Following a personalized program with efficient weekly training sessions

Progress registration

Easily keep track of your progress and want to get better at training every week

Flexible nutritional plan

Take your calorie needs into account and eat based on your feelings with a flexible diet


Persevering during bad periods, because of intrinsic motivation.


Developing a lifestyle that includes strength training & long-term health.


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Progression of muscle mass
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long-lasting results

It's all about achieving long-lasting results so that you in the long run make physical and mental progress. It is a significant investment in yourself, but it will help you achieve results inside and outside the gym. Thanks to more muscle mass: 

build flexible muscle mass

'Build Flexible Muscle Mass' via online coaching

Watch the video of the training app.

Create Super fast muscle mass via 'Building Flexible Muscle Mass'. Take advantage of the 11 years knowledge and experience!

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Watch the video of the training app.

Guidance in the gym through Personal Training

Do you want you technology improve your training program? Then you can also take personal training sessions in the city of Utrecht.

Entirely based on you training goals and needs.

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Train you with too little results?

Essential principles for lasting and consistent building of muscle mass.


Free Ebook:

Everything about muscle mass

Avoid stopping fitness due to lack of results. Continue building muscle mass forever with this e-book!

Continue building muscle mass forever with this e-book.

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